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29. September 2012

As per this post, Moai 1.3 has been released.  If you have never heard of it, Moai is a cross platform, mobile focused, Lua based gameimage development library written in C++, that is open source and completely free.  A lot of focus was put into MOAISim.setTraceback to enable better error reporting.  The list of announced updates is as follows:


Added MD5 Hash Writer to compute a hash of a stream as it writes
Added Crittercism crash reporting for Lua stack traces, See samples/util/util-crash-report
Fixed network reachability initialization on iOS
Fixed input bug with multiple presses in one 'Frame'
Android - Fixed incorrect accelerometer data on tablets
Android - Added C-Ares ( Fixes DNS lookup blocking on HTTP calls )
Android -Added MOAILocationSensor
Android - Added MOAICompassSensor
Android - Fixed status bar issues with 3.1 tablets
iOS - Updated Facebook SDK to 3.0
iOS - Updated Crittercism SDK
MOAIApp - Added getUTCTime to Mobile
MOAILayer - Fixed bugs where MOAILayer:setVisible had no effect
MOAIHttpTask - Added 'getProgress' function to HTTPTask for Curl
MOAIJsonParser - Fix for issue with 64bit ints
MOAIFmodEx fixes for 'setLooping'


You can learn more about Moai right here or you can check out the tutorials on this very site.

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