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25. January 2017


Tiled, the popular open source map editor, just released version 0.18.1.  This release is entirely composed of fixes and improvements, with no new functionality added.  If you are interested in learning more about Tiled, we have a complete tutorial series available here.


From the changelog:

  • Fixed terrain brush for isometric staggered maps (#427, by Clyde)
  • Fixed crash when resizing map causes objects to get removed
  • Fixed crash when duplicating an object layer
  • Fixed position of image layer after Resize or Offset Map (#1418)
  • Fixed the quality of the minimap on HiDpi displays
  • Fixed Alt-drag behavior to not override resize handles (#14251)
  • When adding a new layer, insert it above the current one
  • GmxPlugin: Fixed positioning for non-tile objects and support scaling (#1426)
  • GmxPlugin: Export tile objects without a type as tiles
  • GmxPlugin: Support horizontal and vertical flipping
  • Windows: Fixed encoding problems with command-line output (#1381)
  • Windows: Fixed the architecture of shipped MSVC DLLs (#1338)
  • Updated Chinese translation (#1432, by Clyde)

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25. January 2017


Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview 1 was released a few days back (sorry, machine failure took me offline for a few days) with a taste of what’s to come in the upcoming 4.15 release.  A restructuring of the C++ code layout has resulted in a measured 50% improvement in compilation speeds, a new reroute system for material blueprints should certainly help with readability and perhaps the biggest announcement is the recently introduced Blueprint to C++ system is now out of beta and considered production ready.


Details from the announcement blog:

We've changed the build process to an 'include what you use' model, where every header includes other headers it needs, rather than every source file. With this change we've measured the engine compiling up to 50% faster than before.


With reroute nodes now available for use in the Material Editor, say bye-bye to spaghetti wires!

The Blueprint to C++ cooking feature is no longer experimental and is now production-ready. 

We've also added some new experimental features such as Content Hot Reloading and Monoscopic Far Feld Rendering for mobile VR. We are excited to share the features with you and hear your feedback!

To download Preview 1 of 4.15, head over to the Library section of the launcher, select “Add Versions” and select “4.15 Preview 1” from the dropdown list. We welcome early adopters to download this Preview build to get an early look at what's to come and give us feedback as we prepare for the upcoming final release!


Unreal Engine 4.15 preview 1 is available for download using the Epic Game Launcher.

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25. January 2017


Unity have just released another patch, 5.4.4p2, composed entirely of fixes.  Actually it’s by far the shortest patch release notes I’ve ever seen from Unity, comprised of:


  • (852307) - Android/IL2CPP: Prevent a crash which could occur with the use of OnAudioFilterRead callbacks on krait CPUs.
  • (836697) - Android: Identified unaccounted spikes in profiler.
  • (857203) - Deployment Management: Corrected a behaviour on Windows where using -logfile on batch mode with an emptry string would cause the output to go to stdout, consistent with all other platforms.
  • (780168) - Editor: Fixed Gizmos only being displayed for the first camera in the Game View.
  • (828288) - IOS: Fixed an issue where the ReplayKit API might be reported as available on unsupported devices.
  • (829753) - Kernel: JSON serialisation now supports correct parsing of NaN and +/-Inf.
  • (none) - Purchasing: Fixed a bug where a duplicate transaction could fail without calling the failure callback.
  • (861828) - UnityWebRequest: Fixed the proxy support so that debugging tools like Fiddler work.


As always, the patch is available for Windows and Mac for download here.

GameDev News

24. January 2017


There has been a new release of the Atomic Game Engine, build 3.  The Atomic Game Engine is an open source 2D/3D game engine written in C++ but scriptable using TypeScript, JavaScript and C#.  We featured the Atomic Game Engine in the closer look series, shortly before it became open source.  Primary features of the Atomic Build 3 are:

Atomic Build 3 Highlights
  • Profiling - Added Object memory profiling and metrics subsystem
  • C# - CSComponent inspector support for dynamic/fixed size array members
  • Player - Player subsystem Scene handling improvements
  • Editor - Inspector now displays whether a script is implemented in JS, TS, or C#
  • Wiki - Many additions and improvements to the Atomic Wiki!
  • Script - Exposed VariantVector, Frustum, PackageFile, and UI::CycleDebugHudMode to script
  • Script - Improvements to ScriptVector and ScriptVariant
  • TypeScript - Updated to use generated native enum values
  • TypeScript - Constants converted to enums where possible
  • Platform - Added additional SDL key mappings
  • Editor - Project load/save now remembers the last folder used
  • Editor - Updated Welcome screen and help menu with new Atomic Support forums
  • Linux - Fixed issue with Pulse audio CPU usage and possible black screen
  • C# - Fixed issue with custom C# script events
  • C# - Fixed issue with reparenting C# nodes and component updates
  • Editor - Fixed issue with multiple selected resource tabs
  • Editor - Improved contrast on example language toggle button states
  • ToolCore - Fixed issues with JSONFile::GetRoot in assets
  • Deployment - Removed some UI psd assets that were in deployment

In addition to more details about the release you can learn more about what’s going on at Thunderbeast games by reading the complete blog entry.

GameDev News

23. January 2017


A few days ago (sorry, computer issues on this end), Godot 2.1.2 was released.  Primarily a maintenance release while Godot 3.0 continues development, there is actually a fair bit packed into this particular release.  The biggest feature in this release is IP v6 support, a recent requirement to get published on the Apple Store.  Features of this release include:


This release is quite important for Apple developers, as it brings IPv6 in the networking API, which is now a requirement for applications on the Apple Store. It also fixes a regression from 2.1.1 in the OSX binaries, which had unwillingly set the minimum required OSX version too high.

Another major change is that a bug was fixed in the initialization of most audio drivers which caused an audio latency of about ~200 ms, quite annoying for games which need a precise timing for samples.

  • Networking: IPv6 support and many bug fixes and enhancements
  • Audio: Fix ~200 ms audio latency bug due to misinitialization of some drivers
  • GDScript: Ternary operator (a if cond else b)
  • 2D: Easy API for 2D split screen (with demo)
  • OSX: Fix minimum supported version when compiling with recent Xcode, now 10.9 (regression in 2.1.1)
  • Dozens of bug fixes
  • Many class reference documentation updates
  • Editor translation updates


The full list of changes is of course lengthier, as it contains 112 commits made since 2.1.1-stable (excluding merge commits). Here's a selection of some of the most interesting ones for end users:

  • Linux/X11: Fix crash when neither ALSA nor Pulse are installed
  • Web: Fixes and improvements for WebAssembly/asm.js
  • Editor: Fix Script Editor drawing over dialogs
  • Editor: Ability to change visibility when ancestor node is hidden (with proper visual feedback)
  • Editor: Add bucket fill preview in TileMap
  • Editor: Add favorites and recent history to create dialog
  • GDScript: Named colors in the Color API
  • 2D: Fix Particle2D initial size randomness property having no effect
  • 2D: Add the finished signal to AnimatedSprite
  • 2D: Add Node2D's set_global_rot, set_global_rotd, set_global_scale and corresponding getters
  • GUI: Make deselect work for TreeItem in SELECT_SINGLE mode and emit item_selected
  • GUI: PopupMenu upgrade: Hide on item selection
  • GUI: Flat button and and styleboxes for ButtonArray
  • Libraries: Embedded library updates: libpng 1.6.28, zlib 1.2.11, opus 1.3 and opusfile 0.8, webp 0.5.2


You can read more details on the Godot blog.  The new release is available for download here.  Of course, if you are new to Godot and want to learn it, be sure to check out our complete tutorial series available here.

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