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16. August 2016


Version 0.17 of the popular open source map editor Tiled was released today.  Tiled is completely free and open source with the code hosted on Github.  If you are interested in learning more about Tiled, we have a complete tutorial series here on GameFromScratch.tiled  Tiled is supported by just about every 2D game engine available.

No doubt the most prominent feature of this release is the ability to customize Tiled across all platforms using themes including a new, ever popular, dark theme (shown right).   Custom properties were also extended to include colors and files, with the appropriate dialog popping up.  There were also several usability updates, detailed below.


The changelog from the release notes:

  • Added a platform-independent theme, which can be dark (#786)
  • Added Paste in Place action for objects (#1257)
  • Added custom property type 'color' (#1275)
  • Added custom property type 'file' (#1278)
  • Added option for removing invisible objects in resize dialog (#1032, by Mamed Ibrahimov)
  • Added support for editing multi-line string properties (#205)
  • Added %layername and %objectid to available command variables
  • Added support for scrolling in tileset view with middle mouse button (#1050, with Will Luongo)
  • Added a rectangle erase mode to the eraser (#1297)
  • Added export to Defold .tilemap files (#1316, by Nikita Razdobreev)
  • Added simple full screen mode
  • Added "Copy File Path" and "Open Containing Folder" actions to tab context menu
  • Added warning when saving with the wrong file extension
  • Added color picker for setting transparent color of a tileset (#1173, by Ava Brumfield)
  • Various object selection tool improvements
  • Allow creating rectangle/ellipse objects in any direction (#1300)
  • Enabled nested views and grouped dragging for stacked views (#1291)
  • Fixed updating object drag cursor when exiting resize handles (#1277)
  • Fixed tile animations to stay in sync when changing them (#1288)
  • Fixed preservation of tile meta-data when tileset width is changed (#1315)
  • Windows and OS X releases now built against Qt 5.7
  • Updated Bulgarian, Dutch, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Russian, Spanish and Turkish translations

GameDev News

26. July 2016


Today at SIGGRAPH, Allegorithmic made a couple announcements regarding their Substance texturing product lines.  We featured Substance Painter in our GameDev Toolbox series if you want more details.  Among their announcements today, the revealed that Substance Painter, Designer and B2M will be free for students for personal use.   They also announced that they will be shipping a “massive amount” of high quality content as part of their Live subscription plan.


From the Allegorithmic blog:


We're proud to announce that Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Substance B2M will become entirely free for students, for personal use, starting on August 4th, 2016. Teachers may also request their free personal license, and can also continue to benefit from Academic pricing to equip their school's lab/campus by contacting us. We believe that students should have access to the best tools at no cost and join our community to help us shape the future of digital art.


Substance Live will soon include a massive amount of high-quality content at no additional cost. We have partnered with selected producers to provide thousands of professional assets to all Substance Live subscribers. For $19.90 per month, subscribers will have access to the latest versions of Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Substance B2M and dozens of assets to download every month from a huge database of production-ready content. 


As announced in the keynote, Substance Painter alone was launched over 1.1 million times between April 1 and June 30, 2016. The number of people learning and using Substance products is greater than ever, as is the need for tutorials and training. To help users everywhere learn Substance inside out, Substance Academy will launch on the Allegorithmic website in the near future. This free online learning resource will feature tutorials, videos, assets and more for users at all levels who want to learn Substance at their own pace. 


Capturing data via 3D scanning or photogrammetry has now become a mature technique. Numerous initiatives are underway at Allegorithmic to streamline the management and processing of scanned data within the Substance toolset. We are currently working with a number of partners and clients to make this workflow as seamless as possible. You can see a demo in the keynote above beginning at 22m35s.

GameDev News

13. July 2016


Spine 3.4 was just released.  Spine is a 2D bone based IK animation system I previously covered in depth here if you are looking for more information.  The 3.4 release brings a number of new features including:paths-tank


    • improved transform constraints
    • shearing (skew/squash/stretch)
    • paths and path constraints (see image to right)
    • spine-sfml, cocos2dx and objc now 3.4 compatible
    • spine-csharp, unity, xna and monogame all 3.4 compatible
    • cocos2d-x v2 runtime deprecated
    • new example projects illustrating path functionality
    • runtimes for Flash currently in progress
    • introduction of Beta versions





You can read more about the release here.

GameDev News

8. July 2016


Tiled, a popular open source 2D map editor, just released version 0.16.2.  If you are interested in learning more about Tiled we have a complete tutorial series here on GameFromScratch.


The 0.16.2 is composed entirely of fixes, including:

  • JSON plugin: Fixed loading of custom properties on terrains
  • Lua plugin: Fixed missing export of object layer drawing order (#1289)
  • Fixed tile index adjustment when tileset image changes width (#1242)
  • Fixed --export-map [format] option (#1307)
  • Fixed shortcuts for some tools when language is set to Dutch (#1280)
  • Fixed a painting related bug affecting the top edge after AutoMapping (#1308)
  • Fixed issues when compiling against Qt 5.6 on OS X and Windows (#1309)
  • Fixed crash on maximizing with Maps view open on Windows (#1153, #1268, Qt 5.6.1)
  • Fixed focus issue while typing predefined object types (#1244, Qt 5.6)
  • Fixed silent fail when saving to restricted location on Windows (#965, Qt 5.6)


You can read the entire notes release here.

GameDev News

27. June 2016


Nevigo, the makers of articy:draft, just released a short video illustrating their upcoming Unity plugin.  Articy Draft is a visual environment for designing and arranging game content such as dialog trees, plot points, etc.  The best way I can describe it is it’s like Viseo for game developers.  You can see a quick preview of the plugin in action, showing updating dialog moving from Articy to Unity in just a few seconds.


If you watched my recent Steam Summer Sale for Game Developer video, you may have noticed that Articy:Draft SE and Articy Draft 2 are both currently for sale on Steam.  I don’t have any hands on time with this software, is this a product you would be interested in me reviewing in the future?

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