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27. June 2017

Microsoft just launched Win2D version 1.21.0.  Win2D is an immediate mode GPU accelerated 2D library using C++, C# or VB.Net on Windows platforms.  By far the biggest new feature of this release is the ability to draw SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) graphics. 

From the release announcements:

Win2D version 1.21.0 is now available on NuGet (for Windows 10 or Windows / Phone 8.1) and GitHub.

New in this release:

  • Load, draw, and manipulate SVG (scalable vector graphics) documents  (requires Windows 10 Creators Update)
  • Load and save JpegXR images using extended precision pixel formats  (16 and 32 bit floating point, or 16 bit normalized integer)
  • ColorManagementProfile now supports Simple and Extended types as well as ICC color profiles  (requires Windows 10 Creators Update)
  • Added a CanvasComposition.CreateDrawingSession overload that allows specifying DPI
  • Building Win2D for UWP now requires Visual Studio 2017  (but if you are just using it in an app rather than compiling it yourself, both VS 2015 and 2017 continue to be supported)


  • #479 – CanvasVirtualControl OnRegionsInvalidated not triggered when launching app
  • #486 – Crash when resource loading completes after Canvas is already unloaded
  • #487 – ComputeHistogram does not take into account the SourceRectangle
  • #491 – CanvasControl & CanvasVirtualControl do not disable the accessibility view
  • #496 – Crash in Microsoft_Graphics_Canvas RegisteredEvent::Release
  • #498 – CanvasGradientMesh TensorPatch Colors documented incorrectly
  • #515 – Crash when passing a CanvasCommandList to CanvasImage.SaveAsync

Win2D supports a subset of SVG 1.1. For more details, see Direct2D’s page about SVG support.

Win2D is available on Github as well as NuGet.

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26. June 2017

The Esenthel Game Engine has been under development for more than a decade and yet I had never actually tried it before now.  They recently released a Fantasy Tech Demo illustrating recent functionality added to the engine.  After trying out the demo, I decided to give Esenthel a shot.  The following video is a quick hands-on with the Esenthel Game Engine. Esenthel is a C++ powered/scripted game engine with a full editing environment as well as Visual Studio integration.

The Essenthel Engine has a free trial available for download and is available for Windows, Mac and possibly Linux.  The full version is a commercial subscription for 11.40$ a month or 114$ annually.  A source license costs double that amount.

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23. June 2017

It’s once again that time of year!  The Steam Summer sale is on, so its time to load up on cheap games that you will probably never actually have the time to play!  In addition to a ton of games however, more and more Game Development related software has been showing up on Steam and as part of the sales.  Do keep in mind however, that most of the items you see on sale will be on sale again. 

The following are a few (somewhat random) highlights of what is currently on sale and of interest to game developers.

There are of course several dozen more programs for sale in the sale.

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23. June 2017

Corona is a popular 2D cross platform Lua based game engine.  It was previously available in two editions, the free version and the enterprise version.  As of yesterday, this is no longer the case.  Going forward the Enterprise version is now simply called Corona and is completely free.

From the email I received:

June 22, 2017

Oh, and we are changing our product name: it's now Corona!

Starting with daily build 2017.3100, you will find that we’re offering a single product named Corona. This is a combined product which includes our traditional Simulator-based product and our native-based product in a single download.

Perhaps more importantly, we have removed all revenue sharing requirements and revenue limits associated with Corona Native. You can build your own plugins if you wish, or you can continue to use our fantastic suite of ready-to-go plugins, saving you critical time in your development process.

That brings us to the Corona-branded splash screen. While Enterprise subscribers were formerly able to build apps without the splash screen, all developers must now purchase/own the Splash Screen Control plugin to customize or disable it. However, to ease in the transition, we are granting existing Enterprise customers a 1-year license to the plugin.

Finally, we are introducing new support plans. If you're an existing Enterprise “Small Business” subscriber, you will receive one year of our Priority support subscription, while Enterprise “Unlimited” subscribers will receive one year of our Priority Plus support.

Please take a moment and read our announcement about the changes, and join us in the forums to discuss these wonderful changes. Free is awesome!

At this point you may be wondering how they will make money if they no longer sell a product? They actually cover that fact in their announcement:

Q. How does Corona Labs make money under the free model?

A. First and foremost, we want to emphasize the value in using our current ready-to-go monetization plugins. Between paid advertising plugins, revenue-share-based plugins, and free monetization plugins where we have a partnership with the provider, we encourage you to build apps that use advertising as a component of your income strategy. The more successful your app is, the more successful we will be.

The Corona Marketplace is also an area we want to see grow. We encourage you to begin there and browse for any art/audio assets you may need, as well as game templates which can be used to kick-start your own projects. We also want to encourage our developers to become content providers for the marketplace! If you have a game template that others can use as a framework — even if it’s a simple one — please submit it and create a new income stream for yourself as a Marketplace provider.

Another exciting development is that we are ramping up our publishing support. We are now working in cooperation with large, experienced publishers to make sure you have the best success possible. With our publishing services, you’ll gain access to pre-release services, cross-promotion, user acquisition, in-game analytics, App Store Optimization (ASO), and more.

What about people that already paid for Corona Enterprise?  Well, sorry to say, but you are out of luck.

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22. June 2017

YoyoGames have announced two new versions of their popular GameMaker game engine, console and ultimate.  Console is a license that enables you to target PS4 or XBox One development, while Ultimate is an all in one license for all of their supported platforms.

From the press release:

DUNDEE, SCOTLAND – JUNE 20, 2017 – YoYo Games is expanding the ways in which professional developers can get their hands on one of Wizard_Image_Editor_Screenshotthe world’s leading 2D game engines, GameMaker Studio 2. The engine is now available as a console-only license and an all-in-one Ultimate license. Both the Console and Ultimate versions require users to be officially registered developers on all platforms for which they wish to use GameMaker Studio 2.


Developers also now have the option to purchase a console-only license, which includes:

  • A straightforward way to access powerful development tools for either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One;
  • Provides the exact same game-engine functionality as the Ultimate version;
  • Can be purchased for $799.99 per seat for a one-year license.


Videogame developers looking for a one-stop-shop route can now purchase the GameMaker Studio 2 Ultimate license, which allows:

  • Cross-platform development for all supported platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and more;
  • Admittance to all of GameMaker Studio 2’s well-regarded support platforms and communities;
  • Can be purchased for $1,500 per seat for a one-year license.

In addition to the two new licensing options, GameMaker also released version 2.07 with the following new features:

  • New image editor tools such as Blur and Reverse Frames;
  • Rewrite of the engine’s start page for a better experience;
  • HTML5 updates and bug fixes.

The full changelog of the 2.07 release is available here.

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