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29. January 2018

The Defold game engine just released version 1.2.120.  The two biggest features of this release are support for Android MultiDex as well as the ability to pre-warm particle systems.  If you are interested in learning more about the Defold engine, we have a tutorial series available here.

Details of this release:

  • DEF-2888 - Added: Android MultiDex support for NE.
  • DEF-2373 - Added: Option to pre-warm ParticleFX emitters.
  • DEF-3087 - Added: label.get_text_metrics function for label component.
  • DEF-3086 - Fixed: Memory leak when loading two collectionproxies async that shared resources.
  • DEF-3098 - Fixed: Reenabled render.draw_line and render.draw_text for release builds.
  • DEF-2434 - Fixed: Bug when stopping one ParticleFX component would stop any other PFX on same GO.
  • DEF-3049 - Fixed: LiveUpdate resources could sometimes be invalidated when upgrading an Android app.
  • DEF-3027 - Fixed: LiveUpdate resource header verification.
  • DEF-3062 - Fixed: Bug where Spine rotations did not behave as expected.
  • DEF-3099 - Fixed: Childed GOs to model and Spine bones were delayed one frame.
  • DEF-3091 - Fixed: Added a build error check for Collada files with more than one root bone.
  • DEF-3093 - Fixed: Better error message when bundling and no iOS provisioning profile was specified (Bob.jar).
  • DEF-3073 - Fixed: Added rdynamic and "-Wl,option" support for platforms that support it on NE.
  • DEF-3076 - Fixed: dmBuffer::GetStream doesn’t crash on null arguments anymore.
  • DEF-2540 - Fixed: Performance issue when muting all sounds. (This also fixes the fast forward issue.)
  • DEF-3071 - Fixed: Optimized render update to sort less during each draw call.
  • DEF-3059 - Fixed: User can now set break points in the user render script (and not the builtin one).
  • DEF-3090 - Fixed: Fixed components that previously sent wrong world matrix to shaders. (Spine, Model and ParticleFX).

GameDev News

26. January 2018

Hot on the heals of the first release earlier this month, Unreal Engine 4.19 Preview 2 is now available.  As always, preview releases are not meant for production use, so you have been warned.  The update is available from the Epic Game Launcher.  This release is entirely composed of fixes.

Details of the release from the Unreal Engine forum:

Fixed in Preview 2
Fixed! UE-54045 Animation Blueprint Editor Crashes on Compile if the Debug Instance Selection is Other Than No Object or Preview Instance
Fixed! UE-53944 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FHierarchicalStaticMeshSceneProxy::GetDynamicMeshElements() hierarchicalinstancedstaticmesh.cpp:1431
Fixed! UE-53941 Failed to import Alembic files
Fixed! UE-53741 Applying Clothing Data Causes Mesh Vertex Color to Turn Black (or crash)
Fixed! UE-53440 Unable to select assets within modal Asset Selection dropdowns after navigating with keyboard entry
Fixed! UE-53236 New MotionSource node for MotionControllers does not hide dropdown when connected
Fixed! UE-52685 Move material baking out of experimental
Fixed! UE-54220 When using anim data modifiers the Set Root Motion Enabled node doesn't update the anim sequence
Fixed! UE-54174 Some anim blueprint nodes have duplicated guids
Fixed! UE-53967 Setting preview pose asset does not trigger animation in persona
Fixed! UE-53955 FRootMotionMovementParams::Accumulate can trigger an exception in debug-editor when using a cached pose
Fixed! UE-53224 Colouring removed from "Animation is being edited" warning messages
Fixed! UE-51303 Optimize 'redundant key removal' for anim curves
Fixed! UE-54087 GitHub 4419 : Fixes a crash due to nullptr dereference
Fixed! UE-53910 Audio channel volume behaves inconsistently when attenuation applied
Fixed! UE-53903 Crash on load with oculus audio
Fixed! UE-53938 Crash when Refracturing Destructible Mesh after adding Material Slot
Fixed! UE-54339 TP_HandheldARBP missing from Binary Build
Fixed! UE-54325 TP_HandheldARBP.upack is missing from FeaturePacks directory
Fixed! UE-53996 #includes with backslashes will crash UHT
Fixed! UE-53053 Instance Static Mesh element not rendered if array element is removed and another is added
Fixed! UE-54009 Crash while opening QA-Blueprint map from nativized package
Fixed! UE-53923 Breakpoint triggered in Visual Studio after running "{,,UE4Editor-Core}::PrintScriptCallstack()" command
Fixed! UE-31662 Renaming function in parent class that is overriden by child breaks the function in the child class
Fixed! UE-54141 OutExtendedCppType shadow warning when compiling UE4Editor on Linux
Fixed! UE-53701 Blueprint thumbnails do not automatically update after component edits
Fixed! UE-52975 Transform of duplicated element of an InstancedStaticMeshComponent isn't set to the transform of the original element but set to 0
Fixed! UE-54056 HTML5 crashes inside browser upon pressing windows key
Fixed! UE-54026 GitHub 4417 : Add missing include SecureHash.h to AndroidTargetPlatform.inl
Fixed! UE-53592 Assertion right after rendering scene on Lenovo S939
Fixed! UE-53550 Level doesn't render on Lenovo 939
Fixed! UE-53541 Bring over the slightly better iPhone X fullscreen code from 4.18.2 into Releases-4.19
Fixed! UE-53247 Web browser widget doesn't load url on mobile
Fixed! UE-53177 Mac Fails Preparing QAGame for Deploy to iOS: Directory ‘/Volumes/Storage/Workspaces/Dev/QAGame/Build/IOS/Build/IOS/Resources/Graphics’ not found
Fixed! UE-54354 Oculus Plugin error opening projects on Windows 7
Fixed! UE-54276 Editor crashes on Restart after Enabling Pre-Exposure in Project Settings
Fixed! UE-54039 Vulkan support for Nexus Player
Fixed! UE-53963 Missing warning when enabling dynamic resolution on unsupported platforms
Fixed! UE-53815 Shader library does not work with iterative cooking
Fixed! UE-53434 Crash when launching QAGame in DX12 on AMD
Fixed! UE-52784 Vector field particles are not behaving as expected
Fixed! UE-50449 Show Vulkan GPU times when the CPU doesn't block on getting results
Fixed! UE-50265 Ensure condition failed: SrcLayout != VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_UNDEFINED opening a project when running the editor with -vulkan
Fixed! UE-54248 Sequencer LevelVisibilty does not update correct without restarting Sequencer window
Fixed! UE-54173 Crash deleting a sequence that is nested inside another sequence
Fixed! UE-54104 Copy/pasting a spawnable track with components will break the reference to the component tracks
Fixed! UE-54095 Crash setting Actor to Track on a camera while part of a sequence
Fixed! UE-54084 Crash copy/pasting a light from one sequence to another
Fixed! UE-54060 Actors Fail to Override Bindings: Both Original and Override Meshes Animate Together
Fixed! UE-54047 Animation does not reset when being blended in a level sequence.
Fixed! UE-54046 Track Sections Set to Blend Relative Do Not Update Until Sequence Is Played or Reopened
Fixed! UE-49778 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_SequenceRecorder!FAnimationRecorder::UpdateRecord() [animationrecorder.cpp:464]
Fixed! UE-54247 ImgMedia: Image media player doesn't finish initialization if loading failed
Fixed! UE-54073 Audio stops playing when selecting another video track
Fixed! UE-54019 Selecting Rewind during video playback disables audio
Fixed! UE-53328 Video capture input artifacty after latest sync (as if the stride is off)
Fixed! UE-53027 Unable to loop in reverse with AvfMediaPlayer
Fixed! UE-51631 Ensure cooking ImgMedia - Failed to load Primary Asset Type class /Script/ImgMedia.ImgMediaSource!
Fixed! UE-54345 Binary build Python plugin is non-functional
Fixed! UE-53738 Unable to change the Brush Shape of a BSP
Fixed! UE-53775 Enabling Thumbnail Editing does not give immediate control
Fixed! UE-54144 ARM Servers fail to link with relocation R_ARM_CALL out of range error
Fixed! UE-54136 Linux to Linux launch on fails: error while loading shared libraries:
Fixed! UE-54050 Linux - Crash exiting Pie in QAFaceFxAudio: invalid attempt to read memory at address 0x0000000000000000
Fixed! UE-54040 4.19 editor crashes on start on Linux if built with clang 5.0
Fixed! UE-53893 Crash when destroying/interacting with menus/windows in an animation persona window on Mac
Fixed! UE-51327 Streaming Audio from the Editor will play while minimized even with Allow Background Audio disabled
Fixed! UE-54181 Painting foliage while simulating causes a crash
Fixed! UE-52289 Foliage Instanced Static Meshes disappear when FISM Component BP is compiled
Fixed! UE-53904 Landscape cooking takes as much as 6 times longer in 4.18
Fixed! UE-54170 Cannot use a dot as a decimal separator when entering numbers with a German locale set
Fixed! UE-54166 Access Violation crash deleting a dirty Material
Fixed! UE-54092 Layer Parameters panel takes focus by default in new Material Instances
Fixed! UE-54064 Material Layers asset pickers not filtering
Fixed! UE-53942 Renaming a Material Layer asset removes references to it in a Material Instance Layer Stack
Fixed! UE-52250 Disabling "Show Environment" within the Material Editor Preview Scene's "Show" menu does not hide the Environment Cubemap
Fixed! UE-52215 Disabling 'Show Environment' in Material Editor Preview Scene Settings fills the scene's background with Black
Fixed! UE-53137 ShooterGame - Crash changing scale of game windows
Fixed! UE-54037 Editor crashes when calling a "scroll into view" node with missing parameters
Fixed! UE-53901 Arm Servers fail to build due to GetVulkanInstanceExtensionsRequired override error
Fixed! UE-54042 Assert on a drawing policy removal

GameDev News

24. January 2018

The Leadwerks game engine just released the very first alpha release of the 5.x branch.  Obviously as the very first alpha release, this is not meant for production use and only C++ and debug builds are currently supported. 

New features of this release include:

  • String commands now accept a unicode overload. Add "L" in front of a string to create a wide string in C++.
  • Now using smart pointers. Simply set a variable to nullptr to delete an object. There is no Release() or AddRef() function.
  • Exclusively 64-bit!
  • Global states are gone. There is no "current" world or context. Instead, the object you want is passed into any function that uses it.
  • We are now using constant integers like WINDOW_TITLEBAR instead of static members like Window::Titlebar.
  • Now using global functions where appropriate (CreateWorld(), etc.).
  • Renderer is being designed to be asynchronous so Context::Sync() is gone. 2D drawing is not implemented at this time.

Access to the alpha is available with a $5 a month subscription that grants you access to the forums and alpha builds of the engine.  You can read more about the release here.

GameDev News

23. January 2018

Epic just released a pretty awesome pair of assets packs completely free for Unreal Engine developers.  Soul:City and Soul:Cave are both AAA quality packs containing maps, models, textures, blueprints and more for creating a futuristic city as well as a cave environment.  The only real catch is the license requires the assets be used only in Unreal Engine projects, which seems reasonable enough all things considered!

Details of the two packs:

Soul City
Texture Sizes: 256, 512, 1024, 2048UE4Ass
Collision: Yes
LODs: No
Number of Meshes: 419
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 234
Number of Textures: 198
Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop, Mobile
Usage: Licensed for use with the Unreal Engine only.

Soul Cave
Texture Sizes: 256, 512, 1024, 2048
Collision: Yes
LODs: No
Number of Meshes: 173
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 167
Number of Textures: 171
Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop, Mobile
Usage: Licensed for use with the Unreal Engine only.

You can read more about the release and download both packs from this link.  For a quick video showing the assets in action check here or the video embedded below.

GameDev News

22. January 2018

BladeCoder Adventure Engine 2.0 was just released today.  BladeCoder is an adventure game focused game engine that is open source (Apache 2) and built over the LibGDX Java game framework.  I previously featured the BladeCoder engine in the Closer Look series available here.

New changes to this release include:

  • HelpScreen doesn't stretch in 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • InkManager translation files support.
  • Import ink texts in order. Better I18N checks.
  • Add music volume fade support in MusicVolume action.
  • VoiceManager doesn't hide texts, now waits to the calc time.
  • FIX: bug when saving ink cb.

I recorded a video going hands-on with the newest version available here and embedded below.

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