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11. July 2012


It’s actually a test build, but it is certainly worth checking out and helping out the Blender team.  So what can you expect in this test build ( and hopefully in the upcoming release )?


Bevel and inset are now mouse controllable ( woot!  This one falls under the category of WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? problems before ).

Tons of Cycles changes

Motion tracking now includes planar tracking

Snap to vertice/face/edge implemented in Pose mode for bones

Sculpt masking add to the Sculpt tool


Green screening

And perhaps most important of all, especially for game developers… improved COLLADA support!


For the full details, check here or you can download here.


10. July 2012

Well, sorta.


Autodesk just announced the Scaleform is now available as a Unity3D plugin, or as a standalone mobile200px-Scaleform_logo SDK.  More importantly, it’s available at a price tag of $295 a platform. 


Scaleform is used to create UIs for games using the Flash toolset, including ActionScript.  If you’ve played a game in the last year, chances are you’ve seen Scaleform in action.  It powered such titles as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Civilizations, Warhammer 40K, Skyrim and more.  A partial list is available here.


Up until now, buying Scaleform has been a tricky proposition.  Autodesk had no available pricing, so you could only really get it embedded in existing game engines like Unreal, or directly negotiate with Autodesk ( can you say ouch? ). So while 300$ may seem like a look, especially considering Unity starts at 400$, it is still a massive value compared to before.


Scaleform for mobile


For more details head on over to the Autodesk Gameware website.

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9. July 2012


I am a bit late to announce this ( like, almost 3 weeks late ), but cocos2D HTML has a new Cocos2dHTML5release.  You can read the complete release notes on their website, but there are a few changes that are of particular concern to the tutorials on this site.  Instead of going back an updating the tutorials ( for now at least ), I will show this quick updating guide in case you run into trouble getting them to run.  The changes on the whole are pretty minor.



So, if you want to update your code to run with alpha2, make the following changes.





In MyFirstApp.js change:

var layer1 = cc.LayerColor.layerWithColorWidthHeight(cc.ccc4(255, 255, 0, 255), 600, 600);


var layer1 = cc.LayerColor.create(cc.ccc4(255, 255, 0, 255), 600, 600);


var helloLabel = cc.LabelTTF.labelWithString("Hello world", "Arial", 30);


var helloLabel = cc.LabelTTF.create("Hello world", "Arial", 30);


var scene = cc.Scene.node();


var scene = cc.Scene.create();





In MySecondApp.js change:

var scene = cc.Scene.node();


var scene = cc.Scene.create();


var layer1 = cc.LayerColor.layerWithColorWidthHeight( cc.ccc4(128, 128, 128, 255), 600, 600), jetSprite = cc.Sprite.spriteWithFile("./images/Jet.png");


var layer1 = cc.LayerColor.create( cc.ccc4(128, 128, 128, 255), 600, 600), jetSprite = cc.Sprite.create("./images/Jet.png");





In MyThirdApp.js change:


var scene = cc.Scene.node();


var scene = cc.Scene.create();





And that’s it.  It sucks that breaking changes happen, but I think you will admit, this one is certainly for the better.   Any code from this point forward will use the newer SDK.


7. July 2012

I have run into another snag with using YUI in an MVC app, one that is causing me to look into JQuery + Backbone as an alternative.


It’s a pretty small thing over all, I can’t get actual YUI controls working from Moustache templates.  You need to pass the ID to a control, but at the point of Render() it doesn’t appear to be valid. This isn’t the actual problem though, the problem(s).

  • The community is quite small, and I found ZERO examples except Mojito based.  Even that is pretty sparse.
  • The everything and the kitchen sink approach YUI takes makes dropping in a replacement much trickier.
  • The only community is only really active on the official YUI forums, and they are moderated.



That last one is a gigantic deal breaker for me.  See, the community at the forums is wonderful and responsive.  It was quite impressive to deal with them and they have my kudos.


However…  my first post took 3 days to get approved! My second comment took another 8 hours. 


3 days in like a decade in internet-years!  It may seem a small point, but Yahoo!, if you want people to adopt YUI, you really need to remove this restriction.


5. July 2012


I have recently been contacted by members on the development teams of two (completely!) different HTML game related libraries for inclusion on the HTML 5 Development links page.



The first is the Pulse Engine, a traditional HTML5 Canvas based library.  Perhaps best of all, it has complete documentation (woot!).  I am taking a closer look at this when time permits, and will post something shortly.




The second is, which is more of a supporting library.  It provides leaderboards, payment processing, social integration and more.  They are a commercial library and take a 20% cut of payments processed.  It is documented as well, and contains a developer sandbox to test in.  I do have one suggestion for the developers… make the features more prominent on your home page. The details were there, but they were below the fold ( on my 1920x1280 screen! ).  You will be amazed how many people you will lose because it was immediately obvious what service you provide! If you need to add these features to your game, is certainly a place to start.



If you have developed and HTML5 related game library, or are a big fan of a library I missed on my list, let me know! 


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