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22. June 2017

YoyoGames have announced two new versions of their popular GameMaker game engine, console and ultimate.  Console is a license that enables you to target PS4 or XBox One development, while Ultimate is an all in one license for all of their supported platforms.

From the press release:

DUNDEE, SCOTLAND – JUNE 20, 2017 – YoYo Games is expanding the ways in which professional developers can get their hands on one of Wizard_Image_Editor_Screenshotthe world’s leading 2D game engines, GameMaker Studio 2. The engine is now available as a console-only license and an all-in-one Ultimate license. Both the Console and Ultimate versions require users to be officially registered developers on all platforms for which they wish to use GameMaker Studio 2.


Developers also now have the option to purchase a console-only license, which includes:

  • A straightforward way to access powerful development tools for either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One;
  • Provides the exact same game-engine functionality as the Ultimate version;
  • Can be purchased for $799.99 per seat for a one-year license.


Videogame developers looking for a one-stop-shop route can now purchase the GameMaker Studio 2 Ultimate license, which allows:

  • Cross-platform development for all supported platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and more;
  • Admittance to all of GameMaker Studio 2’s well-regarded support platforms and communities;
  • Can be purchased for $1,500 per seat for a one-year license.

In addition to the two new licensing options, GameMaker also released version 2.07 with the following new features:

  • New image editor tools such as Blur and Reverse Frames;
  • Rewrite of the engine’s start page for a better experience;
  • HTML5 updates and bug fixes.

The full changelog of the 2.07 release is available here.

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21. June 2017

Three.js, the popular open source 3D JavaScript framework, just released version r86.  If you want to learn more about Three.js, we have a two part series available here and here.  This release contains several changes and fixes, as well as adding 3ds support to the editor, documentation improvements, new examples and more.  The changes to the core from the release notes:


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19. June 2017

Esoteric Software just released version 3.6 of their 2D boned based animation software Spine 3.6.  Spine enables you to animate 2D sprites in a manner very similar to that used in 3D packaged, then easily use those animations in various game engines with the provided runtimes.  The 3.6 release brings a number of new features, including:

  • in application preview with several runtime controls3.6-clipping
  • clipping (see image to right)
  • black tinting
  • mesh manipulation tools
  • weight painting tools
  • point attachments
  • improved file dialogs
  • AnimationState improvements
  • several runtime improvements

You can learn a lot more details about this release in the release blog post or read the change logs.  If you want to learn more about Spine, we did a hands-on review available here and embedded below in video form.

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19. June 2017

CopperCube is a 3D game engine that aims at being simple, all in one and easy to use, with minimal to zero coding required.  They just released version 5.7 which brings a few new major features such as dynamic level loading, realtime shadows and more.

Complete details of the release are available here and summarized below.

  • Realtime Shadows Support
  • Big game support and dynamic level loading
  • Simplified uploading games to Android Play Store
  • Floating point render targets

As well as smaller fixes including:

  • The default Android update mode is now 'every frame' instead of 'when scene changed', resulting in a more smooth gameplay. Also, this will reduce the 'stuttering' which some people noticed on faster Android devices.
  • The editor now uses some bigger default window sizes when run on bigger screens
  • Windows .exe Apps no longer store their variables in the "CopperCubeApp" folder in the registry, but in a folder named after the application name.
  • The engine now uses less memory when run on Windows / Mac OS
  • WebGL: Replaced local files warning with updated information (the "allow-file-access-from-files" flag doesn't work anymore with Chrome)
  • Fixed a bug causing dynamic point lights not to rendered correcty sometimes when there was a directional light active as well
  • Improved polish translation
  • Fixed a problem when using the "Restart scene" action which caused memory to leak.
  • Resetting a behavior now using the "Reset" action causes the FPS camera and keyboard controlled camera also to reset their keyboard states

You can learn more about CopperCube here.

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18. June 2017

Unity released a new patch for the Unity 5.6 branch, 5.6.1p4.  This patch has several improvements and fixes, details from the patch release notes:

  • Android: Enabled NEON in Umbra.
  • UI: CanvasRenderer::OnTransformChanged will not be called when object is inactive. (815861)
  • Video: Optimized video decoding directly into RenderTexture if it is the same size as the video stream
  • Video: Skip-ahead functionality improvements.
  • GI: Added support for LOD baking in Progressive Lightmapper. Light Probes are not necessary anymore when baking LODs using Progressive Lightmapper.
  • GI: Support for double sided materials in Progressive Lightmapper. Added a new material setting that causes lighting to interact with backfaces. When enabled, both sides of the geometry get accounted for when calculating Global Illumination. Backfaces do not count as invalid when seen from other objects. Backface rendering is not controlled by this setting nor will backfaces be represented in the lightmaps. Backfaces bounce light using the same emission and albedo as frontfaces.
  • (916119) - Android: Fixed a regression where Banner Ads are invisible, but still clickable.
  • (905867) - Android: Fixed an out of memory crash when using a static splash screen.
  • (910194) - Animation: Fixed an issue where using an override controller multiple times would not animate correctly.
  • (917343) - IL2CPP: Fixed an issue which caused IL2CPP to fail to convert assemblies if two non-existing methods with the same declaring type were referenced from any assemblies.
  • (907449) - Particles: Correctly initialize default curves, when creating new Particle Systems.
  • (907277) - Particles: Fixed an occasional crash when emitting from a skinned mesh renderer shape.
  • (none) - Particles: Fixed incorrect values for emission burst min and max when upgrading from an older Unity version.
  • (912158) - Physics 2D: Fixed an issue where ContactFilter2D collision normal limits failed.
  • (917323) - Physics 2D: Fixed an issue with Raycast not always detecting a CapsuleCollider2D or a BoxCollider2D.
  • (909020) - Video: Fixed issues regarding video looping/end detection.
  • (904924) - Video: Fixed failing VP8 transcode on Windows due to unsupported audio codec.
  • (898171) - Video: Fixed an intermittent failure to load video tracks on iOS.
  • (906044) - Video: Fixed invalid video stride evaluation.
  • (900524) - Video: Added support for transcoding to tiny VP8 resolutions.
  • (904578) - WebGL: Fixed AudioSource.time return value.
  • (903767) - WebGL: Fixed IE InvalidStateError load-time error.
  • (901252) - WebGL: Fixed Profiler connection.
  • (903092) - WebGL: Fixed Template Custom tags not being replaced at build time.
  • (892185) - WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly build failure with Full exceptions on Windows.
  • (897782) - WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly missing setTempRet function.
  • (891835) - WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly missing setThrow function.
  • (891431) - WebGL: Fixed WebAssembly runtime error: integer overflow/unrepresentable.
  • (905625) - WebGL: Fixed custom cursor support.
  • (898210) - WebGL: Released WebCam after use so other tabs can use it.
  • (871541) - Windows Store: Fixed a crash which happened when retrieving WheelHit.Collider after having previously set it to null on .NET scripting backend.
  • (909977) - Windows Store: Fixed a potential stack overflow when building a project with a large custom cursor.
  • (914797) - Windows Store: Fixed exceptions thrown in OnGUI callback not being logged on .NET scripting backend.
  • (912074) - Windows Store: Fixed System.Numerics.dll not being referenced by scripts when using IL2CPP scripting backend.
  • (909703) - Windows Store: Fixed UNetWeaver crashing when using .NET 4.6 API Compatibility level with IL2CPP scripting backend when deriving from .NET 4.6 specific types.
  • (902234) - Windows Store: Fixed WorldAnchorStore.GetAsync crashing the player.

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